Dec 6, 2007

Why are you here?

Any question does not necessarily have an answer, or rather, a perfect answer. Maybe the answer is there somewhere inside, but not in your mind. Maybe you don't even know, but it exists. Maybe you really didn't get a chance to ask the reason of your existence. Perhaps you don't even know why you are here...

I ask you this. Why are you here?

While I'm trying to solve the mixed up collage in my head, I'll be asking more questions rather than finding words for the answers. What I see is that most of these questions are without a question mark!

Many a psychologically aristocratic minds say that we live because we choose to live. Did you really choose to be here in the first place? Did you really choose to be born as the "guy" you are, in every damn way? Did you really choose to breathe like humans do?

I am an artist. And I know that I did not choose to possess these fine creative qualities. Neither did a pianist choose to have fluent harmony in his fingers. Nor did the runner wish to posses those human legs of a horse. Who did? Why? Think... Why are you here?