Jun 21, 2008

This is what you choose...

Plastic dreams,
Or the shiny blue tie?
Little tin soldiers,
Or the grey black sky?
Where do you want to head to?
What is it that you choose?

The purple hanger,
Keeps hanging you still.
One last trip,
You can't but feel.
Beyond your existence,
Or just within?
What is it that you choose?

The little kid inside you -
The mad, the sponge, the hungry fish!
A vaccum of uncared insanity,
Has licked and milked and made you this!
Look... It was you! And look... This, is you!
This, is where you head to...
This,... is what you choose.

Jun 1, 2008

I chose to choose

There was a time when I chose to choose...
There will be a time when they'll realize...