Jan 31, 2013

Song of our soul

If I sing of a love or two
Hold my hands and say it’s true
Keep your worries so you may never find
Like a long forlorn battle behind
They need your love, your touch, your kind
Them forgotten stories of children blind

Smell some air and breathe it back
So all may live and free their sack
Hear oh hear, hear them angels hark
Like a dwindling star in the blue blue dark
Tell her stories to the world she loves
So they may sing like joyful doves
Spread their wings so dazzling white
Your gaze a haze losing all might
Don’t you fear, do you hear?
I am with you, holding you near
Don’t you fall, hear my call
I am with you, I am your soul.

A soul of a soulful kind
Fears no soul of another kind
It stays and stays
Through lives of you and me
Takes us to a special place
Where I see you like you see me.

Jan 27, 2013

Tears of Emmanouela

Wary wary oh my Mary!
What do you fear?
What’s your worry?
Free your wings and fly so near
Whisper softly in my ear
Cry to me so I can hear…
Smile oh princess,
Smile this day…
Your smile enchants me
If I may say…
‘Tis something that is here for now
No one knows when I took this vow
Of loving the way I see you,
And loathing this mask that buries you…
Take this mask off for me
Then my love you will see
You and me, we can be

In joy, joy, joy and glee!

Jan 25, 2013

I’m in Troy!

Moments in a moment
Spent in a lifetime
Glow of the halo
Maketh sublime
Hear them sing
Their voices so soft
Your sense in a stroll
In a beach like roll
You love me or you don’t
Don’t you ever fail me
Even when I’m alone
The star will keep shining
From a very distant far
I don’t care how it does
I don’t care how it loves
Me and the sky in full
Full of flowers
Smelling real
In the garden of my joy, I feel
You should come

To my land of Troy!

Jan 21, 2013

She lingers…

Her smile, a smile
Can light up my world…
Like a gift from the moon
Wrapped in gold…
Like a dove in white
Her flight so light
She lingers with me still

In my sight!

Jan 3, 2013


Purte purte holam je aaj
Krishnor cheyo kaalo
Jotoi kotheen jwala amar
Ei bohnishikhai amar aalo...
Bohnishikha shey toh aapon
Jigai shey ki korbe gopon?
Taar sathe aaj houk alapon...

Jan 1, 2013

I am in Amsterdam

I am in Amsterdam. Its new year’s eve, I’m walking and everything around is glimmering. Sin city it is, not for no reason. Sinners are made out of you and me, over here. Every face floating around is happy intoxicated with the smells and juices of life, smiling or looking for a reason to smile. A man with a tattered coat, with a face so sullen comes to me and asks, “Can you give me 20 cents?” I am quite startled and taken aback with the contrast of this man in an atmosphere of such celebration. I ask him, “No one in this whole city is giving you 20 cents?” He shakes his head with tears so visible yet invisible to the world around. I ask him again, “No one is giving you 20 cents???” Now he speaks, says no. But you almost could not hear. I dig out my pockets and find a 50 cent coin. I give, still looking into his eyes. Then, I cry. Silence.