Apr 30, 2007

Let Go

You want to hear about me?

A head that's stained with cannabis patches?
Surreal seizures of insanity?
Obsession with every damn thing that's black?
The matchbox with red and blue matches?
My dream girl who looks like a crack addict?

Is that what you want to hear?

Life, tears and the smile
Have become the scratch on your burnt lips
They'll heal...
Only if you stop licking it.
But you fucking can't!

You want to hear more about me?

Sick veins, green blood...
Rapturous insanity...
Deja Vu...

Parasites cling on to my white face
They're all there,
All over my fucking face
We do live to die, ...don't we?
So just let go!
Fucking let go!!

Creepers with claws like barbed wire
And cold drops of ecstasy
Play ping pong inside my head.
And then the slut knocks on my door
Now, why? Why do you hold yourself?
Just let go!
Fucking let go!!

Some things don't need no question
Neither do they have no answer.
"Speak up!". I won't.
I won't if I don't want to.
Just don't cling...
Like parasites clinging on to my white face.
Let go!!
Fucking let go!!!

It's not an insect that's in my head.
It's just a sting; some poison.
It won't heal till I want it to.
Listen to the beats that don't rhyme.
It's noise. It's splatter.
It's without an end...
Why do you hold yourself?
Just let go!
Fucking let go...!!

The black rubber band across my fingers...
It's getting too tight
I don't feel it. I don't want to feel it.
Pain is sweet. Pain is warm.
It brings a rush. Makes you feel.
It turns you on. Yet,
Lone walkers keep walking lonely.
they don't know. They need to know.
They need to get here.
They need some pain, some real pain.
They need this rush!
So don't fucking hold it no more!
Let go...
Fucking let go...!!

I stand in front of the mirror
I see myself
Yet I see him
I know he's there.
He is the king.
His blood oozes the colour of life
Not red
Not blue
But black
Like an obsession
It drips in drops
And I let it flow
Don't fucking hold
Just let go...
Fucking let go...!!

The holy smoke from the peace pipe
Creates serpentine figures
And the little sparrow dances on
With tiny timid hops
It tries for innocence...
Innocence, is that a word?
A person? A book?
A feeling? An emotion?
A what???
I would only know if I had wanted to know!

I can write lines
And make rhymes
And draw signs
Will I ever be what I want to be?
Can I just let go?
"You have to."
Let go...
Fucking let go...!!

Sometimes I just get blown off!
Off the track, off the shelf,
Off the world, off my fucking head!!
I just lose it.
I love to...
Be what i should be!
Without any hook-ups or hiccups...

No one cares a fuck what dogs have to bark!

Just let go...
Fucking let go...!!

Apr 11, 2007

Peace Rests Among Us...

P rEparE tO gO iNsanE, ...blOwN, ...muNdanE !
E acH draG brinGiN' eteRnitY a li'L cloSeR ;
A lthO' everY puRplE droP oF blooD begS foR meRcY,
C harreD seNseS makE teaRleSS zombiEs oF crippleD meN,
E verY singlE straW of flesH shRiekS froM heLL, likE GoD...

R uineD pieceS oF mY rusteD minD
E ngulF foRgotteN desiReS oF thiS pitifuL souL...
S oaRiN' dreamZ hidE beneatH tE sulleN clouDs, ...anD,
T imiD minDs don'T stanD a chancE nO morE...
S ilhouttE oF mY nailS makE lineS iN veRmillioN gorE !

A ll comeS, aLL goeS, leaviN' nonE but nothiN' behinD !
M ightY mazeS thaT mesmeRizE, tE joY ain'T wortH tE paiN...
O verwhelmiN' mY poweR, mY strength, ...tE TrutH !
N inE liveS foR tE velveT caT, lyK He playS thiS rutHleSS gamE...
G ivE mE ThY wisdoM, thO' i neeD nonE tO indulgE iN thiS bliSSfuL shamE!

U topian depthS oF darKneSS keeP hauntinG ouR minDleSS headS...
S tiLL, wE fathoM noT whY... peAce restS amonG uS...

Apr 7, 2007

Like a dog?

They say, in destiny I've heard them say, that I can see spirits. Even if I fucking can, does it really matter?

I lie down on the beach, my furry stomach drenched in the wet sand. Lying there alone, even with the companionship of my fellow tail waggers, I feel a strange 'nothing' inside me, inside everything I see, inside every damn living form that can somehow reason my meaningless jittery existence. What is the true reason of me living like this? Like a dog?

This nothing doesn't change. While everything else does. This is the truth. I am the dog without a pimp without a bone.