May 25, 2021

Of Schools and Politics

What do you think the role of a school is within a community, nation, world?

The role of a school within a community, nation and world is to be able to nurture fearless, strong minded individuals who will understand the importance of living in a self-sustainable environment with nature at its heart. A school is responsible to guide the youth of the coming generation in a way for them to be able to face any adverse situation in life without any difficulty. By inculcating these inherently rooted values in them from an early age, a school can contribute greatly in creating an unstoppable force in the youth working together hand in hand, not only innovating new ways of life in the modern world but also being consciously sensitive towards all life forms equally with a gift of discerning emotional intellect.

What do you make of the current theme of polarization based on political affiliations across the world - including India?

Polarization in its core means pre-defining what is right and what’s wrong. This can apply in any corporation, where one must agree to the ideologies laid down by the boss and the board, even when one personally disagrees to it; one has to choose a side. Willing members join the company knowingly, mostly for a trade of materialistic well being. Now unlike a corporate, when it comes to building a society with a polarized viewpoint, it will never work in a democratic political system because of a larger spectrum of diverse opinions formed by many cultures and their freedom of expression. The knowledge of how wide, vast and opulent human understanding is, is itself a testament to our human spirit. If we have learnt anything from mankind's recent history, then we know that our beliefs are continuously evolving and our lives must too. A conflict of extreme ideologies can prove to be successful in business at times, but however in my opinion it could do more harm than good for the society at large. Now it is up to each of us to decide whether we want to run our life merely like a transaction, or live up to a collective experience that is based on mutual respect and is rooted in equality and more importantly, on equity.