Mar 10, 2022

I want more

More is what we live for,
More is what we live by,
More is what we need,
More is like a seed, which grows.

All this more comes from a lore,
Whispered by a whore into my core,
Sealing in me this frenzied furore,
Thus it comes out now like a roar!

I want more, said I.
Much more, many more.
More of that and more of this,
More of fat and more of fish.

More of rice and more of salt,
More of fight and more of fault,
More of blunder and more of blame,
More of fire, and more of flame.

More is what we look for,
More is what we search.
More is what we live for,
More is our urge.

All this more...
Was there before?
Will there be a time...
When I want no more?

But I'm not done yet!
So many more lives to touch,
To feel, to fondle, to caress so much,
To hold, to light, to guide as such.

To transform and change,
And metamorphose in ways.
To see and learn, listen to
What Mother Nature says.

Feed on what you need son,
Rest is all greed, or fun;
Grow up till you're wise, and
Free your children from disguise.

Take their masks off,
Them of those with their ignorant vile.
Take their robes off,
Them of those with their cunning guile.

This is what you're here for!
To seek, to peek into who you are.
This is a desire without an end so near,
This, is a journey without a fear.

Still I want more, said I.
Much more, many more;
But not of the world we live in,
I want more of the child, who rests within.

Jan 17, 2022

Anand ki Parchi (Hindi)

Jaan gaye hain sab kuch magar,
Thherao na paaya abhi tak…
Sirf prem se kabhi na duniya chale,
Baccha bhi jaane sadak sadak...

Idhar chalu mein udhar chalu,
Idhar udhar aur kidhar chalu?
Haath mein sutta aur dil me dhuan,
Yeh moh maya hain kund ya kuan?
Jahan roshni kabhi aaye bhi na aaye,
Andhere ke god mein sadaa jakrre huye;
Udhar bhi yeh dhuan chhore na saath,
Hain kuch maya ke tukre bikhhre huye...

Sochu sochu mein sochta rahoon,
Raat dhal jaaye mein bolta rahoon;
Socho socho, tum bhi sochte raho,
Praan tak chali jaye, kuchh na kaho!
Kuchh na kaho, kuchh na kaho!

Baithey raho dhuen mein dhund
Yeh kaisa kabhi kaunsa anand?
Kya dekha hain sacchi?
Aankhon se apni? Anand ki parchi?

Jun 17, 2021

An Ode to Dawn

The sun has risen again,
Hiding the moon much behind;
But the earth who's their child now,
Can't live without the mother,
Nor the father.

'Tis dawn on earth now, and this child
Knows he is split into half, how?
He sees his father rise above,
In light and languid glory;
But catches a breath and turns behind,
To listen to his mother's quiet forlorn story.

Sleep, people sleep here,
In her lap with a lucid lullaby.
Dream, people dream here,
Counting stars in the Prussian high.

Moon, she thinks now she shows not
Her silver shiny skin no more.
Does she know or she knows not?
Her calm crystal glistens
Only for the sun's little roar.

Dawn has just begun now,
On this other brighter side.
I hope it's a long day for the cow...
To milk and graze, and moo and raise;
Fight for the children and fend their ways.

The sun keeps shining, still hoping for a day,
When mother moon will come strolling
With jasmines on her way;
Holding his hand and his sigh,
In a sparkling supernova sky.

Jun 16, 2021

Think of me

Think of me...
As a river;
Not made of water,
But fire.

Thick molten lava,
Oozing out from
Every orifice of mine,
Making me look like a demon.

A monster so horrid,
My self could tremble.
This fire so fearful...
Is what makes me, my soul.

Like blood, sweat, shit and vomit,
When we see out in the open ~
Although so terrifying, repulsive, filthy and ugly,
'Tis what makes us mortal.

Think of me...
As a cloud;
Not made of rain,
But thunder.

Think of me...
As a blade of grass;
Not made of soil,
But of earth so blue.

Think of me...
As a black sheep;
Not made of any wool so black,
But colors that cannot be seen.

In the eyes of the beholder blind,
None the light reaches not
From my fur and my hide.
'Tis what makes me black; thus they call...

Think of me...
As a thought;
Not made of the past,
But the present.

Think of me...
As not the man;
But the spirit,
Who giveth as much as it taketh.

Think of me...
As a mirror;
Not an inch more,
Nor an ounce less.

Think of me...
As that is all I can give;
A moment to behold,
A moment to live.

May 25, 2021

Of Schools and Politics

What do you think the role of a school is within a community, nation, world?

The role of a school within a community, nation and world is to be able to nurture fearless, strong minded individuals who will understand the importance of living in a self-sustainable environment with nature at its heart. A school is responsible to guide the youth of the coming generation in a way for them to be able to face any adverse situation in life without any difficulty. By inculcating these inherently rooted values in them from an early age, a school can contribute greatly in creating an unstoppable force in the youth working together hand in hand, not only innovating new ways of life in the modern world but also being consciously sensitive towards all life forms equally with a gift of discerning emotional intellect.

What do you make of the current theme of polarization based on political affiliations across the world - including India?

Polarization in its core means pre-defining what is right and what’s wrong. This can apply in any corporation, where one must agree to the ideologies laid down by the boss and the board, even when one personally disagrees to it; one has to choose a side. Willing members join the company knowingly, mostly for a trade of materialistic well being. Now unlike a corporate, when it comes to building a society with a polarized viewpoint, it will never work in a democratic political system because of a larger spectrum of diverse opinions formed by many cultures and their freedom of expression. The knowledge of how wide, vast and opulent human understanding is, is itself a testament to our human spirit. If we have learnt anything from mankind's recent history, then we know that our beliefs are continuously evolving and our lives must too. A conflict of extreme ideologies can prove to be successful in business at times, but however in my opinion it could do more harm than good for the society at large. Now it is up to each of us to decide whether we want to run our life merely like a transaction, or live up to a collective experience that is based on mutual respect and is rooted in equality and more importantly, on equity.

Dec 15, 2020

মধুর মর্ম

মধুর মর্ম জানতে হলে...
গাইতে হবে গান |
মইরা গেলেও বুঝুম নারে...
মধুর মধ্যেই প্রাণ |

মধুর মর্ম জানতে হলে...
গাইতে হবে গান |
ঘুইরা বেড়াই, মরিয়া হয়ে যাই
বুঝতে মধুর টান |

মধুর মর্ম জানতে হলে...
গাইতে হবে গান |
খুঁইজা মরি নিজেরে আমি...
করতে মধু পান |

Nov 15, 2020

মনের পাখি

মনের পাখি, কোথা যাবি?
উড়িতে চাইলেই উড়া যায়না |

কত যে পাখি ডালে বসে রয়,
উড়িতে চাইলেও উড়িতে পারেনা |

ডানা আছে তার, পাখনা আছে,
জানে কি নাকি, সে জানেনা |

চাঁদের মুখে তারা তাকিয়ে রয়,
ছুঁইতে চাইলেও ছুঁইতে পারেনা |

ডানা মেলে সে, পাখনা মেলে,
তবু সে গগনে উড়িতে পারেনা |

কত সে চেষ্টা করে প্রচেষ্টা,
তবু সে মুক্ত হইতে পারেনা |

জীবনের অর্থ কভু না ব্যর্থ,
যদি এ'চেষ্টা চালিয়ে যাওয়া যায় |

মুক্তি পাইবার এক দিন আসিবে,
নীল দিগন্তে সে উড়িয়া যাইবে |