Jun 17, 2021

An Ode to Dawn

The sun has risen again,
Hiding the moon much behind;
But the earth who's their child now,
Can't live without the mother,
Nor the father.

'Tis dawn on earth now, and this child
Knows he is split into half, how?
He sees his father rise above,
In light and languid glory;
But catches a breath and turns behind,
To listen to his mother's quiet forlorn story.

Sleep, people sleep here,
In her lap with a lucid lullaby.
Dream, people dream here,
Counting stars in the Prussian high.

Moon, she thinks now she shows not
Her silver shiny skin no more.
Does she know or she knows not?
Her calm crystal glistens
Only for the sun's little roar.

Dawn has just begun now,
On this other brighter side.
I hope it's a long day for the cow...
To milk and graze, and moo and raise;
Fight for the children and fend their ways.

The sun keeps shining, still hoping for a day,
When mother moon will come strolling
With jasmines on her way;
Holding his hand and his sigh,
In a sparkling supernova sky.

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