Dec 20, 2009

Choruibhatir Bhoj

Aj shubho diner ghonta baje, ey je ashe nako roj
Esho mashi pishi mama jethu, aj choruibhatir bhoj

Khete pele shutey chao, tai machher pashbalish
Phurphure bhaat ey shuru, koro na go nalish

Jhur jhure alu bhaja, ashe jhuri jhuri
Makho makho moog daal ey makha makhi kori

Swadey swadey utshobey, phulkopi koi
Malai kari tey chingri, kore hoichoi

Koshiye pathar mangsho khete boro khatni
Jhal jodi lage, ache alubokhrar chatni

Cheteputey khete khete papor er shathe
Mishti mukh hote hobe rajbhog patey

Hath dhuye mukh muchey, kulfi tey ashi
Paan diye shesh kori, mukh bhore hashi...

Dec 16, 2009

Fly to me...

In vain, I’ve tried to forget your name. Over and over and over again. I’ve wept and I’ve cried, in-visible tears. The blue blood is cold now, inside my vein. No more pretensions, no more stories. No more veils to hide no more. The time is come now, set me free. Would you fly with me to the blueberry shore?

I’ve been foolish, so foolish to watch you go. And then I’ll be lost, I never did know. Today I know, and I say you’re the one. You are my angel, the one from the sun. I’ve dressed you, and I’ve missed you, and I’ve kissed you in my dream. Can you hear me? O hear me! Do you hear me when I scream?

O Goddess of moon, remember the dreams you have dreamt.
With me, your me, the nights you have spent.
You took me in your arms for an endless time.
Where I’ve rested in peace, in love sublime.
Remember the moment you looked into my eyes.
Like a shining star in the darkest skies.
As I held you so close, so near to my heart.
Your arms wrapped around me, which nothing could part.
Our bodies so naked, and our souls entwined.
I still can hear your whisper in my mind.
I still can feel the touch of your skin.
I still can smell your zephyr flowing.
Your hair on my neck, and your breath so warm.
It felt like life that I’ve longed and I’ve yearned.

Let me be your only one, see my love, can you see? I’m a bird in chains, I want to fly, love me be, set me free. The time is come now O bluebird, fly my love, fly to me.

Dec 1, 2009


Mayer kole hashe janoki, godhulir paane cheye
Jane ki naki, jane naki shey, janoki tar meye?
Roop kironer, surjo jyoti, teer dhonukey badha
Aj rong beronger phul phuteche, lal nil ar shada...