May 31, 2014

Shupto iccha

Shupto iccha, shupto bashona
Roilo lekha kathar phaake,
Hobe ki naki hobe janiney
Ei putul naacher jibon maajhe.

Jor gola aar nei re aamar
Jor khatanor shomoy pichhey,
Jor diye je hoyna kichui
Shoto muni rishi aaurey geche.

Shob e hobe,
Shotti ja chai shetai hobe...
Shotto je shudhu chaite hobe!

May 12, 2014

A dream that meant everything!

I am racing a car. Racing, racing, racing but its not moving. It is stuck, jammed, inclined underneath the roof of tiles built on the ground. There is no space to move forward. But me in a trance, I don't understand. This is happening in my birth residence.

And then Father came. And all the tiles started flying off as in a hurricane wind. Like a tornado invisible in form taking away is burnt clay one by one in the sky with it.