Dec 30, 2010


Ki bhabchho tobey?
Hobey ki na hobey?
Shotti hobey na mithye hobey?
Hobey toh hole kobe hobey?
Aj hobey na kal hobey?
Holeo ba ar ki je hobey?
Ei proshno khelar shesh kobey?
Bhabcho tumi ar ki hobey...

Ar ki hobey bolle hobey?
Shoitey hobey, koitey hobey
Boltey hobey hobei hobey!
Bolo ki chai, tai hobey
Tumi jodi chao tobei hobey
Thik kore shudhu chaitey hobey
Aj hobe noy kaal hobey
Hobar holey hobei hobey!

Megh ashley brishti hobey
Borsha holei shoshyo hobey
Biye holey shishu hobey
Shishu holei shey boro hobey
Churi korley dholai hobey
Dholai holei kanna pabey
Gai kaatley dhormo jabey
Dhormo gelei maan harabey

Ei poth holo shuru shobey
Aaro koto poth choltey hobey
Shomoy er shaathey chhut tey hobey
Chhut tey holey portey hobey
Portey holey uthtey hobey
Uthtey uthtey urtey hobey
Shoitey hobey, koitey hobey
Hobei hobey, hobei hobey!

Dec 21, 2010

Him and his remains

She has my blessings. She does not know. Unaware. She does not care.

Even if she doesn't know that she is set to be free before him, I know it. He has to stay. For some more time. Alone.

Symphony she shows. She is supposed to go happy. Because that's all she knows. That's the only way she knows. Harmony.

The tide is breaking down the walls of named wisdom. Its smooth and slow. As if there is no pain. Years, and aeons, and moments, they look the same. They slash. And smoothen the surface. Of those walls so fluently carved and crafted when made. Every lash he tries to stand strong. And slips. And slips. And slips. By now, he must have learnt to slip well, on the smoothness of once dreamt of inglorious palace walls. Lonely as it stills now. It stills. Still.

No one stays there now. Only Him. Him and his remains. And everyone else is gone now. Even her.

Dec 1, 2010

Ei Ami

A kaleidoscope of splifferaging colours...
Like lines that don't rhyme, yet sound like poem...
This is me. Ei ami.

Nov 29, 2010

Maan harano

Krishnokoli tomaye ami mani
Tomarey ami maan boli
Maan haraley,
Kotha jai ami?

Sheydin guru ghono megh daakey,
Aar mora boshey alokkhoney.
Giyechilam shudhu jharna dekhtey.
Chhilona shey jharna,
Chhilo shudhu aprostut ek barnona.
Shey barnona mele na go roj kaaley,
Kali barnona boli ami...
Kamponey jhakiya othey
Sharbo shorir aajo,
Jodi bhabi shei khhon.
Bhabiney kokhhono bhabiney
Ei amar siddhi, tai
Ei amar bidhi,

Aug 5, 2010

Aata gaache tota pakhi

Strange. Just a good word to begin with. Aaah actually, I am eating a fantastic fruit right now. Something called custard apple. Custard. With apple. And I'm feeling strange. Strange to the nest of my... mmm... inner... whatever! The truth is I am ravishingly relishing the raunchy taste of this fabulous fruit, my sweet manna. And the very strange juice of it. You know how it rolls your tongue like a hurricane ride? Sugary, sultry, pinch of soury, crude, a little rude after perpetual panache, right to the word.

Ektu tok ektu mishti,
Majhe majhe alpo kheyal.
Bodh hocche rajar phal khacchi.
Maane phul-phal, haan shei phal.
Bole take aanta.
Hashi pele kichu korar nei,
Naamtai tai.

Ja bolchilam ta holo,
Er shwaad o shourabh,
Thik je rokom jibhe theke
Allad kore,
Bodh kori ami ei muhurtey
Amar nijer astityo hariye
Sheti pran diye anubhab korchi.

Korte korte,
Je khacche taar chhobi.
Shey ek porajito raja.
Shey raja karur noy.
Shudhu taar nijer.
Shey taar nijer raja.
Shey raja hoyeche
Taar nijer kheyale,
Nijo heyale.
Shey bhebechilo shey parbe.
Shey bhebechilo shey dewal dhore uthbe
Shey bhebechilo shey ekdin raja hobe.

Nijer i kheyale,
Aaj shey raja hoyeche.

Aata! Aaha Aata!
Tomar srishti taar i jonyo!

Tomar je rosh, antarer kosh,
Ki bhabei ba boli?
Ki bhabei ba likhi?

Ami ashikkhito.
Maa kali bolchi!
Bangla bhashaye hardly porechi
Haatey gona koyekta bangla galpo,
Ar paaye gona koyekta bangla kobita.
Byas, amar dour oto tukui...

Shada table cloth,
Baati amar,
Rang taar
Ar taar modhye
Kowa kowa aata.
Aboshyoi khola
Kowa kota chorano,
Ar amar hathe chamuch!
Chhoto, beshi boro noy
Naam tar teaspoon.
Ar mukhe ekti matro taaja kowa
Ar taar rosh...
Maane juice... strange juice!

Nah, erokomti ar hoyna...
Biswa jora ar onyo kono phal nei
Je er kachakachi o ashtey parey.

Er ek adbhut nabhi,
Er ek alada bhasha.


Amar naritey
Dheuer moto,
Kampan diye choleche.
Proti kaamorey,
Proti mochorey,
Bodh hocche,
Protiti kowa ek bochhor dhore khacchi.

Mishti mukh diye shuru,
Ar ek kochlatey,
Ey pith theke o pith,
Jibher shiraye halka tok.
Ar amar mukhe photey
Chotto hashi.
Tushki hashi, ektu byaka.
Ar shei hashitei guri guri koto
Mishti lebu daana.
Jokhon maritey maritey
Makha makhi daatey
Guri guri koto daana,
Ek ashamanyo chinikrito ghorshon chhara kichu
Anubhob kora maana.

Aaj raja abhibhuto!
Ei nondoniyo abhigyotaye
Aaj raja rajokiyo!

Aaj ey aata atuloniyo!
Aaro 99 ta lobhoniyo kowa
Amar dike takiye ache shada baati theke.

Aata shey hashe, ar tota rajar gaaley aaro ek gaal hashi ashe.

Jul 6, 2010

Dying to Dawn...

Let’s get lost…
In the wilderness,
Of this wide wild world,
And this wide wild sea;
I so want to be.
Let’s run to the sky now,
And let the skylark sing.
The fire is blue now,
And red is the sting;
Let’s run to the sky now
For the dusk is long gone,
And the sun sleeps in cold.
Hear me tears now, that I’m crying to dawn…
I’m vying to dawn now, I'm dying to dawn...

Jul 1, 2010


It is difficult for me to comprehend how I am writing this now... I think I am outside my body.

I can just see... small tiny insignificant movements in my thumb tips... with the nails on it... typing some rememberless words and dots...

A faint cry of Jeremy from as far as somewhere inside the seventh bone of my spine shuddering me with a silver shine of shiver... That's enough, and all... nothing else... can I breathe... or even smell... like you always do... Black is your name... nothing now.

I am seriously and fucking swear on seriously going through a goliath ordeal of strangeful painlessness... Body-less-ness... You can never know how painful it is to be void of any pain... Right now at this point of time I cannot feel my tongue... it's serious and dead... and my voice... fingertips... I don't feel touch... sense... lost... I'm listening to some sex style of some Astrix... I can't say how hard and so real hard I'm biting my tongue to even feel the slightest feather of it... Someone's screeching... in a peculiarity... a strange strangle... in a beat... up and low... smooth as a wave... a phosphorous laced crest like the gown of Desdemona... the wave of electrons... and blue light... and white streaks... all kinds of streaks... just without life... not even a streak of green... of life... something so simple spelled out like life...

Lifelost... like I feel I am... now... have become... became... a little while ago... I smoked... She rolled the hashish... Honey sting butterfly... her name... Shit... these lights... are they lights? they're glowing... like halo bright yellow daisies in an animation film... The letters you...! The letters you're writing...! Can't you really see? Yes... there are lights.... how they are glowing...! as hazy as those fireflies in the dusk-sheltered meadows searching for some space to grow old... It's up again... it's taking you there... Me am towards in a screech of hollow... but I can't feel myself... I'm just travelling... in speed... in streaks... in the flow of liquid electrons zilac in colour... I still can't feel my tongue... and it's dancing on... in thumps... the steel wave of liquid electrons... Tiesto it feels... I realize my legs are fluttering... not like the feathers of a cold wet sparrow... much slower... in a beat or an ebb... with the wave... Shit... I trust, swear me... I am not on acid... iamlike... am I? These letters are glowing again... like fireflies in dusk...

You must have been out of your head... You are... Can you feel the zeal in your crotch? Yes I'm feeling it... It's taking me away... it's dropping me... like a free fall... like near a distant star...! Difficult to say or know if its the wind or just the breeze... and yes didn't I say that I am inside an intermittently speeding auto rickshaw...? I must have been high... must I am fucking numb... And don't you dare ask what's the difference...? It is... it's different today... it's outer space... it's differently a lot... totally never before... nothing feels familiar... because I can't feel nothing... not even my tongue... The zeal is taking through...

The zeal is taking through... and the station is arriving... I feel a knock on my forehead like the knock of... fuck it... liar liar... I'm screaming... through every pore... of my self... you can't see... you can't... you...

Things are seeming normal now... A familiar voice of Young is singing a low note... and I can swear he doesn't scream... he can't... I think I'm starting to feel sweat again... I think I can't say what... I want to see the sun now... I lift my eyes to see the sky... and I see... dusk has kissed goodbye...

It's time it's over... it's time for home now... I'm going home now... rolling the stones... returning to soft... as solitude... and I will remember me... in this time.

Dance of Life

I was in a conversation. With clouds.
As she was playing with me. It was her wish.
She wanted me to know.

I was shivering. My teeth chattering.
Waiting for the rain to go. I said its okay.
But it wasn't yet time.

What is wrong with you? I asked.
Almost shrieked. Trying to hold myself in my senses.
She just smiled. And glistened. In the rain.

I walked for shelter. Asked her to follow.
I ran. Into the warehouse. Waiting.
Red roof. White door. Empty.

The door was open. I stepped inside.
And I thought I am dying. I was.
Numb. Nothing. Blank.

She had made it. Brought the thunder.
And struck upon me. Lightning.
Hair flying wet, there she danced.

Jun 30, 2010


I have no clue
Of this misery I'm going through...
Is she running away...?
First I felt it...
In my skin slowly growing a sting...
And I wonder
Where she ran away...

Apr 23, 2010

The Stone Rhyme

A puff, then a huff, and I sing the stone rhyme.
This crime I’ve committed now so a-many time;
Singing stories of blue and yellow in dozens for a dime.
See honey-sting butterflies play war in my mind.

They struggle and they wiggle,
And they tickle your brain.
They keep coming like fire,
Over again and over again.
They chain you they pain you,
They cry you in vain.
They grain you they stain you,
They make you insane.

Stoning and blooming are mere forces of nature,
Stoners and flowers look all the same.
Forgiving is a sin in a world of sinners.
Oh sinner, say sinner, who is to blame?

I see foolish people all around,
Doing stupid foolish things.
In a stage of stupid eunuchs,
Clapping their foolish wings.
So I’d like to take a walk now,
In the valley of green.
Where dewdrops sparkle all around,
In my dreams I’ve seen.

So I huff, then I puff, and
I sing the stone rhyme.
I know, this crime I’ve committed
Now, so a-many time.

Apr 14, 2010

My mirror forever

I want to see you,
When I want to see myself...
As always...
I see myself when I see you...
You are, and you will be...
My mirror...
Forever... Its true.

Mar 31, 2010

Shesh pala?

Krishnokolir aaji shesh holo ei pala?
Baaje shaarey chartey...
Shaarey pachta, shaarey chhota...
Shaarey shaat ta, shaarey aat ta...
Aj krishnokolir shondhaye neelchey dupurbela

Krishnokoli tobe tumi keno eshechiley?
Krishnokoli britha tumi brithaye heshechiley...

Krishnokoli tomar paane bare bare cheyechi
Krishnokoli tomar kole trishanti peyechi...

Shopner chador aaji dhekeche amarey
Eke eke jaye ashe
Torey torey, storey storey
Dheu ey bheshe mile mishe
Baare baare jhonkaar ey
Guru guru megh daake
Ar kono ek neel chador er phakey
Shono krishnokoli haake
Shuntey ki pao tumi? Shuncho ki taake?

Mar 12, 2010

Sweet Virus!

I look,
And it looks like
Metal, golden gold metal...
I hear,
And it sounds like
Battle! A-Clang! Steel! Rattle!
Virus! You! You make me unsettle...

So I thought,
Was a fool I was?
And I brought,
My mind to a pause...
Then I caught,
My heart bleed words...
I ask and I rot,
Am I the one that was?

Scream! I hear you, your mellifluous beat.
I promise I'll take you to the rain-washed street!
Enchant me O dear O my Darling Dark!
Sing me your song and I shall hark...
Show me the trails of your honey scent crawlers,
Scream! You sweet virus! Spray me your colors,
Spray me your colors,
Spray me your colors...

Even if you forget me...

I smiled,
‘Cos I thought I'm reading my mind....
I loved,
‘Cos I felt love when I am so loved...
And I shall
Till the day you remember…

A faint saint glimpse
Of my face,
Of my black and my white...
Dusk after day after dawn after night,
Love will grow...
It has to grow,
Like a snail so slow...
In time it'll show…

And then I shall know,
That you have loved me…
And forever you will...
Even if you forget me,
You'll love me still, I know you will.

Mar 7, 2010

I will...

I will hold, I will…
Hold your heart to the sun, I will.
I will burn, I will…
Burn my lips to a kiss, a kiss I will.
Like air loveth flare, the fire you’ll feel…
Like pink petal lotus,
Snow shelter I will…

You will feel, you will…
If you don’t, I will.
I will love, I will…
If I don’t, be still, be still, be still…
Shiver not, be still until
You feel loved, you will…
If you don’t, I will…
Forever and still, till death can kill.

If you say you love me, say will you kiss me?
Like the sun kissed ray…
Like a moon missed day…
Say will you stay? Just the same way?
Nay, if I may, let me shout and say…
Let me shout and say, I will, I will, I will…

Feb 3, 2010

Kiss amiss…

A kiss, a kiss
Kiss, amiss…
How could you miss?
Amiss this kiss…
O miss! O miss!
Can you please me kiss?
I wish you kiss, nay kiss amiss…

Jan 1, 2010

I love…

I am a bad boy,
I love.
I love, love, love,
And I love when I’m tired.
I love,
I stand tall and love all.
I am a bad boy, I love.