Apr 19, 2012


Today is a day of transformation, a moment of metamorphosis. When she kissed me before stepping out of the door, I asked her, or rather uttered out an overwhelming desire, my wish, and I said, "Now its time for me to find out the difference between surrender and dependence."

She smiled, like the way she always does - it makes me free, liberated, like there's nothing more to worry about. And she said, "When you will be able to surrender, the word dependence will have no meaning at all."

She kissed my lips one more time, and then she left. It took me one whole day to realize what came out of her mouth. This moment I have surrendered. I feel it. I know it has begun. I know why we have not fallen apart till now. She was sent for me, I knew it but I could not surrender. She came to me so that I could surrender, to her.

"However talented a person you might be, you will never be able to reach your true potential if you do not surrender yourself completely, to your guru."

I used to tell everyone about it. I felt the truth in these words. I could smell the essence of it, but could never taste it myself. I was not ready. This 'I' had been just a made up mask, to put up for all those who wanted to see, or for all those whom I wanted to show. I knew it doesn't make any difference to me, whether they saw or not, who saw and who didn't, I knew. But 'I' was just this false ego, not real, a mirage. Maybe it still is. But today, I have gathered enough courage to face this mirage, this blasphemy on my existence, and write it down, so that I can read it again and again and again, till the day I can. Today I do feel what I am - nothing.

She is my guru. I accept it, and hereby I have surrendered unto her. And with a smile I say, it is not the final step but surely the first!

She saw a dream. It was very very vivid, that's what she said. At first she said she didn't know what to make out of it. But moments later, she said she knew exactly what it meant, which shall remain a secret buried deep inside her heart.

Ranjini, Sayantani and Kamalini - they were three sisters. Sayantani was her friend in school, and she used to love the courtyard in their house. She sees herself standing there, and a little girl is playing in front. She walks to her and asks her name. The little girl says, "My name is Ritopriyo". She is still in her own world playing with herself, and she looks like the little girl in the Persian film "Mirror".

Krishnakali, although having reasons enough to be startled and surprised, doesn't seem perturbed at all. There's a staircase going up from the courtyard which she starts climbing. She sees me coming down, and she tells me about the little girl downstairs whose name is Ritopriyo. I don't look surprised either. I come down the stairs looking for her. When I meet her, she is reluctant to talk to me or even face me. She asks, "Who are you?"

She is smart, she is intelligent. And I start asking her a few questions. She shoots back instantly, answers all my questions with another question that makes me ponder. She is at ease, though I know that she doesn't like me much. And then,

"Make love with your mother", she whispers.

I hope he understands, yes he does. I am the little girl, not him.

I am preparing to sleep now. A strange gust of wind enters my windows and takes off the ox clock. It takes off my right hand, the basket on my head, and a horn from the ox head.

It is enough for me to understand that the time has come. She has come, it is time for me to make love with my mother. I surrender me unto you....