Oct 22, 2012

Fake time

I do not know how this happened. But I think it needs to be written down. For the first time in my conscious life, time on my wrist has travelled faster than real time. The alarm sounded at seven in the morning I presume, I didn’t see. And I doze off for a little while more. When I open my eyes again, I see its half past nine already, on my watch! I skid off the bed in a spring like a rocket from the sun, put on my underwear, jeans and jacket, and I’m ready for school in less than a minute – no potty, no cigarette, no tea, and no cornflakes, nothing today. Its insane how time flies, my mind is running, while I put the frozen lamb chops in water. From behind Eva says “Good morning!” I am startled, surprised and I reply “Morning!” somehow. I can’t see her yet. So I ask, “So late today?” No reply for a few seconds. And then she appears in front of me, in the kitchen, with a blank innocent beauty. I see her saint glimpse and travel to somewhere holier. Her green eyes lined with faint lines of eye liner looks so truly stunning. And her white face is glowing translucent like an angel sent from heaven. I could melt in her arms right now. Still she is still, with her pristine blank face with that look on her face, her eyes – I wish I could freeze the moment. But then she is waiting for me to say something I understood. I asked again, “You’re going late today?” I still do not know why I asked this question, I shouldn’t have. Her gaze blurred, and she disappeared.
“No! What time is it? Half past eight, isn’t it?”

I feel the sky fall on me. I bring myself closer to her and show her my watch – half past nine it was. She almost held my hand, no she didn’t, I wish she had, and took me to her room. She grabbed her phone and showed me the real time. What? How? Why? Questions, questions, and more questions start boggling my mind for the rest of the day.

Oct 18, 2012

Ektai bhoy

Ektai bhoy,
Kauke shukhe dekhar chholey
Kokkhono jeno kere nite na hoy
Tomar mukher hashi...
Hoyto shey din
Pari bhuley jete
Ami tomaye o bhalobashi...

Jarei ami khushi kori,
Jaharei ami hashate pari,
Jar chokh theke jol muchhte pari
Ami taharei bhalobashi...
Asha kori,
Jaha onubhob korchi mora
Prem diye jeno kori...
Jaha ei khhoney dekhchi mora
Prem bhora chokhe dekhi
Jaha ei khhoney shikchi mora
Premer sathe shikhi
Dekhchen tini
Mon diye shey
Shudhai tini...
Katbey kobe?
Toder ei glani?
Kobe hobi mukto tora?
Kobe hobi shokto tora?
Kobe tora shob chere chhure
Nachbi gaibi, hashbi hashabi,
Likbhi toder...

Alapon kahini?

Oct 14, 2012

Following my sun

I follow the sun,
And perhaps,
Sun follows another sun!
We us and all,
Are but clay in a doll.
We rise, and we fall,
On a brick wall we crawl.
Yet we move on.
We smile, and we cry,
We go on...
Searching our own sun.
And today I wish,
I may live to love...

Following my sun…!

Oct 8, 2012

Chhutir Chhuti

Chhuti bollei chhuti hoy na!
Ruti jutlei bacha jayena!
Aaro koto ki korar ache,
Aaro koto ki bolar ache…
Amar tomar mon joralo,
Aar oder moner katha phuralo?
Eto shohojey?
Shomoy ektu ditey hobe…
Taader sathe boshtey hobe,
Taader kichu boltey hobe...
Uthtey hobe, urtey hobe,
Urtey urtey chhut tey hobe...
Hunkar diye koitey hobe,
Aar chhuti noy, ar chhuti noy, ar chhuti noy!