Jan 26, 2012


Ekbar bol nei, keu nei tor
Ekbar bol shei, shei hoy tor
Ayna tor aj nei, nei aj tor
Ache porey jhhuro kaache mukh chapa,
Ar buk phata khhoma...
Tobe khhoma keno chahibo ami?
Khhoma chaye oi paaper kami
Chahibo ki janish ami?
Tore kole kore dhore,
Geet gaitey jibon bhore
Shudhu gaan noy, jibon, jatra koto ki...
Tobe jobe hashi phute maan ey mor, jani
Hobo paar nodi, tori tor, mani tai aaj e
Mor roktey likhlam ami, tor naam.

Jan 25, 2012

It does not finish

Dong! says the clock
Love no more now...
Tis' my misery
That drowns me to tears...
Blue tears messed with black ink,
Swirling lines of no symmetry
Keep whirling in random frenzy.
Random, is it? Or is it not?

Today we celebrate!
That's how dawn began.
Red oozed out of every pore
Of our tender skin...
Soft, supple, serene...
That's how I had felt, not now
Then, when my eyes woke to new rays
Of a new year, our third...

Turned down! I am.
Ephemeral bitterness.
That look daunts me,
Says, 'I don't care, or whatever'
I scream. And thorns, they creep
Inside my neck, my throat
Helpless I am, I cry

I speak, my voice is broken
Broken words, broken dreams
Broken broken broken.
I am, for what?
For her not looking,
Searching, stealing, or whatever
From my eyes tonight.

Ma! whispers a voice from far.
Says 'say', urges me, she pushes me
A teardrop makes a heart too heavy
She chuckles with the few words
To love her only and only son.
She is timid at best, I 'prehend.
For the foxes that howl, and growl
Make her tremble tonight.

This day I am blue.
The blue pot
Is on hold still...
It does not finish.