Feb 15, 2007

The Pharaoh's Requiem

Light of the Halo surrounds the sullen.
Shimmering like gold or even the stars,
Rich Robes cover the flesh ever unseen;
And the Beholder walks through Eternity...

“I am the fair soul, and all of you Black”;
Pride of His, summoned destiny for all.
The clouds had turned forever dark;
And all hopes seemed insufferable...

Till the white Zephyr flowed;
And the undone was done.
Tears of thorns were there no more;
And the chains for now, breathed in peace.

Dead Peace; As the Pharaoh lies still.
Souls fly free, praying and hoping...
Their Dark Phoenix won't rise nor feel…
This joy unseen that lingers between.

Million souls have flown to salvation now;
And the sceptre lay buried, for ages to dream.
Ceremonies forgotten in time; They know...
Tis’ time for the Pharaoh’s Requiem.

Feb 12, 2007

My Big Collage

This moment ~
A concoction of strange melodies ;
This world of unsatisfying Beauty ~
Does justice to My Big Collage.

The river of Life ~
Don't seem white to be happy, to be True ;
Still it flows. It flows ~
Searching a glimpse of the colour of Truth.

The lonely walk ~
Never expects me to reach the beyond ;
But then, the grass has turned brown ~
Searching a glimpse of the grasshopper.

The White Abode ~
Has this written. Written all over ;
Still I die, leaving my scorching Soul ~
Searching a glimpse of My Big Collage.

Feb 9, 2007

The Dormant Wind

"Shards of Darkness chafe through my flesh unseen;
And the red brine flows incessant.....
Tho' Truth seems so bitterly far away";
What I speak is to render the innermost outrage.
Still my soul keeps searching.....

Lightning fears the dark.....
Tis' afraid to stay for more than a moment;
The black days are never gone.....
And the Dark lingers in the unfathomable light of Hope;
It lingers even as the winter passes by.....

Few words can make the unwise feel freedom;
Though their freedom is not meant to be.....
Some figures never have a meaning;
They stand for nothing, for the void Destiny.
It’s written. It’s written already.....

The onslaught of time.....
Stirs the dormant wind within us;
'Cos we who write destiny ourselves.....
Will never hide the charcoal from the canvas,
Will never lose even when we are lost.....