Dec 23, 2014

Stuck in a stack of lines

It’s been a while I've been wandering.
Passing through cold, not touching. Wavering.
It’s been a while that I’ve been lost.
These lines of asymmetry. Lines of frost.

I am but a mere creature made of hide and skin,
I am but a mere feature in this jumble of a dream.

It all started when grazing at the beach house of grass,
When the fair phosphorous was glowing in the hour of dusk.
Waves washing away dust in sand in earth in a storm...
What a way it was to bid goodbye from home!

All my brothers and sisters had ears to the whistle,
They did not pay heed to this flickering drizzle.

Me, had my mind to the drone of a feisty storm,
Whirling sand scattering high to the gods forlorn.
Like a shower of offering in honor of the king,
Like a blessing of Eros for sprouts to begin.

They ran and they crammed inside the stock of a house,
While I stayed aloft riding the waves of winds so aroused.

At first my mind was blown into numb for a while...
Then I started to enjoy this rush through the black of an aisle,
Where they catch you and throw you in mid air blues,
To dress you and despair you in pink cotton hues.

A maze of transcendence where you float and you swim,
To move towards the dive in that far white stream.

I floated here for endless days and came to a halt,
Where I found a bronze broken gate covered in salt.
It was a path, a sign, a legend forgotten;
Years ago a castle where a war was fought in.

There were so many lights, twinkling lights beyond,
I was nervous to enter the chaos and that sound.

The marks of wrath and glory still etched on the guild,
The scratches and screams of warriors withheld.
The stink of sweat and blood on the iron shield,
The taste of fire and spark and dirt revealed.

Good over evil, or rise against the fall?
Which battle’s the greatest, the greatest of them all?

Blurry it started to be in there, in the cold white dark.
The salts had eaten the gates into a wide open arc.
The memoirs of the battle pulled me closer within.
Past is past; but they'd never let me forget my sin.

I have fought this fight so many several times,
The clashes still call me like heavy metal chimes.

Sure I had no choice but to step inside,
I had no will to go backwards or to hide.
These bright sonic lights seemed to be my only way,
That could make or break my gingerly day.

It was a long long moment I cannot measure,
It was in a time space void I’d surely treasure.

But you need to move on as everybody does.
You need to roll, refresh and give it a pass.
So I stepped forward into the neon lines of haze,
Where everything passed me like a frenzied daze.

Not only do I see but hear these lines, Allah cries
That, in a dargah the mullah sighs...

I do not see a highway but is it one of those?
I do not hear a train but is it something close?
I feel insane speed wearing this muddy shoe,
I can see beasts on rollers passing through.

The only way out is the way ahead,
Have to keep walking till the lights aren’t dead.

Walk, walk, walk away...
On the straight path in front without a say...
And meander this while through the maze of them beasts,
That menacing speed, feed them as much as they'd want to feast.

Now I am a loner on the streets of merry Burberry,
I am just a clown in this twinkling town of sherry!

I see a few fairies strutting on the tile,
They look happy the least when they quench and they smile.
A few of them smile in a moment of smoky allure,
A few of them do that just to check your fake valor.

Now do I dwell in this unsure world of so sure frailties,
Now do I sway through a road with white little dainties.

It sounds like a story of a cow in which she cannot say!
But this cow, may be your savior in days of dismay.
Her master may not leave her, but he leaves her as he does,
Because she does not say much, so should I talk as much?

All my life I have been this meandering moose,
Through the cream laden meadows named Praline and Rouge.

There lived a milkman at the end of this strange little town,
There he milked his way to make himself a crown.
The crown of cream and frozen diamond,
Which he thought did taste like roasted almond.

He comes to me and wakes me at dawn,
Says come on now old kid! It’s time to go home.