Dec 30, 2010


Ki bhabchho tobey?
Hobey ki na hobey?
Shotti hobey na mithye hobey?
Hobey toh hole kobe hobey?
Aj hobey na kal hobey?
Holeo ba ar ki je hobey?
Ei proshno khelar shesh kobey?
Bhabcho tumi ar ki hobey...

Ar ki hobey bolle hobey?
Shoitey hobey, koitey hobey
Boltey hobey hobei hobey!
Bolo ki chai, tai hobey
Tumi jodi chao tobei hobey
Thik kore shudhu chaitey hobey
Aj hobe noy kaal hobey
Hobar holey hobei hobey!

Megh ashley brishti hobey
Borsha holei shoshyo hobey
Biye holey shishu hobey
Shishu holei shey boro hobey
Churi korley dholai hobey
Dholai holei kanna pabey
Gai kaatley dhormo jabey
Dhormo gelei maan harabey

Ei poth holo shuru shobey
Aaro koto poth choltey hobey
Shomoy er shaathey chhut tey hobey
Chhut tey holey portey hobey
Portey holey uthtey hobey
Uthtey uthtey urtey hobey
Shoitey hobey, koitey hobey
Hobei hobey, hobei hobey!

Dec 21, 2010

Him and his remains

She has my blessings. She does not know. Unaware. She does not care.

Even if she doesn't know that she is set to be free before him, I know it. He has to stay. For some more time. Alone.

Symphony she shows. She is supposed to go happy. Because that's all she knows. That's the only way she knows. Harmony.

The tide is breaking down the walls of named wisdom. Its smooth and slow. As if there is no pain. Years, and aeons, and moments, they look the same. They slash. And smoothen the surface. Of those walls so fluently carved and crafted when made. Every lash he tries to stand strong. And slips. And slips. And slips. By now, he must have learnt to slip well, on the smoothness of once dreamt of inglorious palace walls. Lonely as it stills now. It stills. Still.

No one stays there now. Only Him. Him and his remains. And everyone else is gone now. Even her.

Dec 1, 2010

Ei Ami

A kaleidoscope of splifferaging colours...
Like lines that don't rhyme, yet sound like poem...
This is me. Ei ami.