Apr 23, 2010

The Stone Rhyme

A puff, then a huff, and I sing the stone rhyme.
This crime I’ve committed now so a-many time;
Singing stories of blue and yellow in dozens for a dime.
See honey-sting butterflies play war in my mind.

They struggle and they wiggle,
And they tickle your brain.
They keep coming like fire,
Over again and over again.
They chain you they pain you,
They cry you in vain.
They grain you they stain you,
They make you insane.

Stoning and blooming are mere forces of nature,
Stoners and flowers look all the same.
Forgiving is a sin in a world of sinners.
Oh sinner, say sinner, who is to blame?

I see foolish people all around,
Doing stupid foolish things.
In a stage of stupid eunuchs,
Clapping their foolish wings.
So I’d like to take a walk now,
In the valley of green.
Where dewdrops sparkle all around,
In my dreams I’ve seen.

So I huff, then I puff, and
I sing the stone rhyme.
I know, this crime I’ve committed
Now, so a-many time.

Apr 14, 2010

My mirror forever

I want to see you,
When I want to see myself...
As always...
I see myself when I see you...
You are, and you will be...
My mirror...
Forever... Its true.