Dec 23, 2014

Stuck in a stack of lines

It’s been a while I've been wandering.
Passing through cold, not touching. Wavering.
It’s been a while that I’ve been lost.
These lines of asymmetry. Lines of frost.

I am but a mere creature made of hide and skin,
I am but a mere feature in this jumble of a dream.

It all started when grazing at the beach house of grass,
When the fair phosphorous was glowing in the hour of dusk.
Waves washing away dust in sand in earth in a storm...
What a way it was to bid goodbye from home!

All my brothers and sisters had ears to the whistle,
They did not pay heed to this flickering drizzle.

Me, had my mind to the drone of a feisty storm,
Whirling sand scattering high to the gods forlorn.
Like a shower of offering in honor of the king,
Like a blessing of Eros for sprouts to begin.

They ran and they crammed inside the stock of a house,
While I stayed aloft riding the waves of winds so aroused.

At first my mind was blown into numb for a while...
Then I started to enjoy this rush through the black of an aisle,
Where they catch you and throw you in mid air blues,
To dress you and despair you in pink cotton hues.

A maze of transcendence where you float and you swim,
To move towards the dive in that far white stream.

I floated here for endless days and came to a halt,
Where I found a bronze broken gate covered in salt.
It was a path, a sign, a legend forgotten;
Years ago a castle where a war was fought in.

There were so many lights, twinkling lights beyond,
I was nervous to enter the chaos and that sound.

The marks of wrath and glory still etched on the guild,
The scratches and screams of warriors withheld.
The stink of sweat and blood on the iron shield,
The taste of fire and spark and dirt revealed.

Good over evil, or rise against the fall?
Which battle’s the greatest, the greatest of them all?

Blurry it started to be in there, in the cold white dark.
The salts had eaten the gates into a wide open arc.
The memoirs of the battle pulled me closer within.
Past is past; but they'd never let me forget my sin.

I have fought this fight so many several times,
The clashes still call me like heavy metal chimes.

Sure I had no choice but to step inside,
I had no will to go backwards or to hide.
These bright sonic lights seemed to be my only way,
That could make or break my gingerly day.

It was a long long moment I cannot measure,
It was in a time space void I’d surely treasure.

But you need to move on as everybody does.
You need to roll, refresh and give it a pass.
So I stepped forward into the neon lines of haze,
Where everything passed me like a frenzied daze.

Not only do I see but hear these lines, Allah cries
That, in a dargah the mullah sighs...

I do not see a highway but is it one of those?
I do not hear a train but is it something close?
I feel insane speed wearing this muddy shoe,
I can see beasts on rollers passing through.

The only way out is the way ahead,
Have to keep walking till the lights aren’t dead.

Walk, walk, walk away...
On the straight path in front without a say...
And meander this while through the maze of them beasts,
That menacing speed, feed them as much as they'd want to feast.

Now I am a loner on the streets of merry Burberry,
I am just a clown in this twinkling town of sherry!

I see a few fairies strutting on the tile,
They look happy the least when they quench and they smile.
A few of them smile in a moment of smoky allure,
A few of them do that just to check your fake valor.

Now do I dwell in this unsure world of so sure frailties,
Now do I sway through a road with white little dainties.

It sounds like a story of a cow in which she cannot say!
But this cow, may be your savior in days of dismay.
Her master may not leave her, but he leaves her as he does,
Because she does not say much, so should I talk as much?

All my life I have been this meandering moose,
Through the cream laden meadows named Praline and Rouge.

There lived a milkman at the end of this strange little town,
There he milked his way to make himself a crown.
The crown of cream and frozen diamond,
Which he thought did taste like roasted almond.

He comes to me and wakes me at dawn,
Says come on now old kid! It’s time to go home.

May 31, 2014

Shupto iccha

Shupto iccha, shupto bashona
Roilo lekha kathar phaake,
Hobe ki naki hobe janiney
Ei putul naacher jibon maajhe.

Jor gola aar nei re aamar
Jor khatanor shomoy pichhey,
Jor diye je hoyna kichui
Shoto muni rishi aaurey geche.

Shob e hobe,
Shotti ja chai shetai hobe...
Shotto je shudhu chaite hobe!

May 12, 2014

A dream that meant everything!

I am racing a car. Racing, racing, racing but its not moving. It is stuck, jammed, inclined underneath the roof of tiles built on the ground. There is no space to move forward. But me in a trance, I don't understand. This is happening in my birth residence.

And then Father came. And all the tiles started flying off as in a hurricane wind. Like a tornado invisible in form taking away is burnt clay one by one in the sky with it.

Apr 30, 2014

Just like...

Just like,
A Pinch in a blade of grass
Doesn't tremble the whole world, no.

Just like,
The yolk of the setting sun,
Has been melting my heart from long ago.

Just like,
A circle of eternal glow,
Is here for Him to show...
The only way is nothing to know!
What meaneth this mankind?
But to follow what is to flow...

Just like,
The pink in the dusky sky,
Is enough to leave me on a high.

Just like,
The noise of the tweeting birds,
In their nest where they grow.

Just like,
This circle of eternal glow,
Is here for me to show...
The only way is nothing to know!
What meaneth this mankind?
But to follow what is to flow...

For the love of this world,
We shall again come and go,
To and fro, to and fro.

Fly upwards and fall again,
Like the valor of a long shot arrow,
God's messengers we, from His bow.

Let us all be roots and shoots in a row,
Sprout in millions from a wet Earth below,
As wet as my mother's womb,
As wet as Kumaon's tomb,
Nourishing every bit of my soul to toe,
So that when I am able I may show,
The seeds for further sprouts to grow.

Apr 28, 2014

An Ode to Dusk

The best time of the day is dusk for sure
Run for my means is but a task obscure
Which, has come to an end for now
And 'tis time to take an honest bow
Bid adieu this while
To my good old friend
Of the morning vow

I run for my need, and
I earn for my creed
This world that we feed, and
This gold that we greed
All this fight for a greater flight
Has to come to an end now
And I, my soul return somehow

Now I can rest with my setting sun
Now I compare myself with none
Only swing with a melody in joyous bliss
A clap so silent my breath could kiss
Her cheek in rose in milk in cream
Her voice like husk in calm serene
Now I may talk, and not just scream

Talk with her and her soul alone
Dive in an ocean so marooned
It's been wailing and crying, all this while
I couldn't care for I had been vile
I was lost, and messed and crossed in ways
She never could pretend to find this maze
Of wondrous lustre; a rotten lust for haze

I have come now oh my darling me
Forgive me if I'd been far too free
I have known now to fall my robe
For 'tis but a method only to grope
For what's not mine and can never be
'Tis but a toy for my fun, for my glee
Come still water, I see you, d'you see me?

And the birds are chirping to their joy
A joy or a paranoia, which ahoy?
The light of dusk goes so slow you see
They cannot help but so sweetly wee
To their mates in calling for the night to pass
In a silent warm luke summer wash

In my garden chair I sit and stare
With grapes and berries I play solitaire
And feel so sunk in the juice of life amiss
Hear harmony sings, listen, retain, keep, it flees
Both of us will stay a-put tonight
In hope to wake again in the morning light

'Tis no time to forgo no fear, no sorrow
'Tis time to sleep now, for the run tomorrow

Apr 8, 2014

A grandfather's premonition

After long days of emotional separation, it was the day of a possible reconciliation. I climbed down the stairs exit through the porch of Ballerina block. An old Bengali man was sitting and reciting a book to his grand daughter,

"Aar shey shokol ke shu shongbad janiye shustho bhabe ghare phirlen."

Apr 7, 2014


1. I shall only ASK, because I don't know.

2. It is only my WORK that shall lead me to TRUTH.

3. My CONSORT is the wisdom behind all my actions - She is my Goddess - My Saraswati, Lakshmi and Shakti.

4. The only path to be truly happy is renunciation of my ego - TYAGA.

5. I do not need to DO anything to be happy, because my true state of being is already happy.

Apr 4, 2014

The Midget Ride

There came a strange Midget with long and thick, black and brown braids. He had sand brown skin, and squinted big brown eyes. He sang with a course midgety voice and gathered people all around. He talked about Sadhu, a guru from whom he had learnt all his knowledge. He even showed a picture to everyone. Sadhu was there no more. So he needed a home to stay. The moment he saw me, he started following me guri guri paye (small baby steps). I climbed up the stairs of my old Baguiati house. And before I reached, he ran and sprinted through my legs, entered the room on the left, hurriedly like a mouse. Dad was in front of the basin, shaving. I called out, "Dad! Midget!". He turned, entered the room, looked under the bed, pulled him out by his leg and smash! On the ground. The midget's head got severed from his body immediately like a doll. Before throwing his body out, dad said "Wait!", and shaved his head, his long black braids. Then he threw him out.

Sad he never liked midget the first day he saw him enter his house.

The coarse voice was gone for now. Then there came a lady bald in head. With a sweet soft melodious voice singing quietly to herself. Sitting in the companionship of a tree and a bird maybe. She was his other side, the hidden side, the holier side, the better side. And that was all that was left of her. Bald, soft, sweet, serene.

I wake up seeing a point of light wavering between the curtains. The point giving me thoughts, ideas, solutions. Showing me the path while my mind fills up with several things to do, changes to make. The point of light seems like a flickering energy appearing from nowhere like a Firefly behind the curtain existing just for those few seconds only for me, to show me something.

She stares out the balcony window with her husband beside her, smiling at us.

Mar 29, 2014

The man from another realm

Me and her come back after a big fight on the street.

Both of us are quite furious upon each other and can't stand each other's presence. We enter the apartment floor from the lift and see a North Eastern man standing outside our door. We approach him slowly with a confused look. He was still looking down on the door mat facing the door from outside.

We move closer, he suddenly looks up to us and says, " I am waiting for my wife. We stay in B-407."

We look at each other even more confused. And before we could out something to say, he starts walking through us towards the lift.

The truth is that we live on the 4th floor and there were only 5 flats numbered till B-405.

That man said he and his wife lived in B-407.

Mar 15, 2014

Tui toh kebol i ayena

Bojhao taarey
Ami karo ekar nohey
Keu bojhao taarey,
Ami karo ekar nohey

Tui bujhli ki aar?
Tor tot goron aar
Kajol aankhir ashru

Tor na pawa aar
Tor harano bikar
Khhoy korey ei baastu

Tor dabi chahidaye
Ki eshe jaye?
Tui toh kebol i ayena

Ayena shudhui
Shottyo dekhaye
Korey na kobhu bayena

Shon re tobey
Shuney rakh tui
Ei holo tor shottyo

Ayena je tui
Morichika majhe
Thakbi roye attyo

Karma tohar
Joto ta dekhar
Toto tai pher phiriye dewar

Taar cheye beshi
Chawa pawa ja
Shob i holo maan rakhar


Lojjito ami!
Oti lojjito ami
Ki bhabey torey manai?

Matha nera hoye
Shob joley diye
Mridu konthhe tore janai

Ami e tomar ahonkaar
Haat dhorey niye jabey jekhaney
Mukh bujey ami jabo shekaney
Ekti kathao bolbo na jey
Aar jabo na ami
Taader khojey
Tumi niye ashbey jakey
Golaye lagabo shudhu tahakey
Aar kaukey noy
Dibbi dilam,
Aar kaukey noy.

Aami aaj nuton!
Shob lanchhona baad diye aaj
Holam ami shudhui tomar
Dukkho koshto oneyk diyechi
Tobey aar noy
Joto na diyechi
Toto ki peyechi?
Pabo, jani ami pabo
Dhher dukkher obhagi hobo
Mukh bujey shob giley nebo

Amar aar kono khidey nei
Nei ba kono chawa
Shob chawa ke hariye ami
Hotey chai tomar hawa
Tumi jey agni, bujey bujey jwalo
Amarey niye haat dhorey cholo
Thakbo kachhey shorbodai

Maayer aancholey mukh lukiye
Boro hoyechi ami
Shei maayer aanchol
Urey geche kobey, nahi jani nahi jani
Aaj tomar aanchol dhorechi tai
Mukh lukiye tor pichhoney haatbo shodai
Houk grishyo houk boroshai

Aaj paap punyer urdhey ami
Ondho hoye tomar premi
Ondho thaka boroi shukher
Jantam na shei muluker
Raajye. Aaj jenechi,
Dekhar khhomota tomar beshi
Amar cheye o oneyk beshi

Tor koshter din shesh
Maan, ami katha dilam
Tor koshter din shesh
Buk phatiye shonkho bajiye
Shuru holo tor gorber din
Matha thhekiye chorono toley
Holem ami toree ahong!

Mar 8, 2014

Jagabo taharey shei din...

Ar ki shudhai?
Ar ki shunai?
Ar koto din emni kore
Din gulirey dhuyae udai?

Tui jene ki korbe shey shob?
Tohar horin ankhi royeche nirob...
Thakuk shey aj nijo nirobey..
Jagabo na tarey aj kolir kamaley..

Amar mon jurolo na ei din. Jurobey,
Jedin tor shey ankhi hashite chaibe..
Amar aanginaye nachitey chaibey..
Nachiya khushitey kaditey chahibe..
Aj noy re, aj je nohe..
Jagabo tahare shei din..