Nov 26, 2012

If I can see...

If I can see, then I can see...
The white bright light over the blue black sea
Beyond the horizon of horizons, and even more
Beauty beholds this space and void just before
Where silver dolphins swim, and purple eagles fly
Taanchey maati, bangla amar
Ei kabyo lekha shesh holo na tai...

Nov 22, 2012

A Walk in Barcelona

Wilderness in pain
Paints all that stain
Squeezes me, it squishes me
It makes me insane!
I sigh, and I cry,
I trip, then I try
To paint, till I die…
There’s a voice inside
That echoes so deep,
You almost cannot hear
You have limits to keep.
Keep the limits aside
For once, and see
How beautiful can be

A fine walk in Barcelona!

Nov 19, 2012

Forever, never unseen

Despite gathering clouds in your mind
You shall hold your crown still
Made of feathers so light
And jewels to reveal
Think of Shiv, if you may
Think of you, if I say
With a silent joy in your heart
And a lucid calm in your eyes
May you rule your world in bliss
With a hissing serpent in disguise
May blessings rain from above the sky
And paint your being in green
I am with you my friend

Forever, never unseen.