Sep 3, 2011


Pigeons in a flurry, in a
'Knot' so much to worry
Farewell this time, long old friends
Fly to me when time comes again.
Fly with no fury, to wonder for a while.
Fly so free, so I may see
This fanciful feast, once at ease.

Bulls in a wrestle, in a
Big hungry bustle, tight in a tussle,
Voraciously howl to a thuddle-thud-thump.
Where silence does not measure
Loudness or softness, in empty gallon cans.
This silence breathes,
A deep yellow east.

All flow through in one river of love
This sweet aroma, to breathe
Of life in sweat and glory.
This moment in time, we celebrate
In rapturous hues of fussy-dizzy-hazy
Still screaming unheard! Va.Ra.Na.Si.