Mar 10, 2022

I want more

More is what we live for,
More is what we live by,
More is what we need,
More is like a seed, which grows.

All this more comes from a lore,
Whispered by a whore into my core,
Sealing in me this frenzied furore,
Thus it comes out now like a roar!

I want more, said I.
Much more, many more.
More of that and more of this,
More of fat and more of fish.

More of rice and more of salt,
More of fight and more of fault,
More of blunder and more of blame,
More of fire, and more of flame.

More is what we look for,
More is what we search.
More is what we live for,
More is our urge.

All this more...
Was there before?
Will there be a time...
When I want no more?

But I'm not done yet!
So many more lives to touch,
To feel, to fondle, to caress so much,
To hold, to light, to guide as such.

To transform and change,
And metamorphose in ways.
To see and learn, listen to
What Mother Nature says.

Feed on what you need son,
Rest is all greed, or fun;
Grow up till you're wise, and
Free your children from disguise.

Take their masks off,
Them of those with their ignorant vile.
Take their robes off,
Them of those with their cunning guile.

This is what you're here for!
To seek, to peek into who you are.
This is a desire without an end so near,
This, is a journey without a fear.

Still I want more, said I.
Much more, many more;
But not of the world we live in,
I want more of the child, who rests within.

Jan 17, 2022

Anand ki Parchi (Hindi)

Jaan gaye hain sab kuch magar,
Thherao na paaya abhi tak…
Sirf prem se kabhi na duniya chale,
Baccha bhi jaane sadak sadak...

Idhar chalu mein udhar chalu,
Idhar udhar aur kidhar chalu?
Haath mein sutta aur dil me dhuan,
Yeh moh maya hain kund ya kuan?
Jahan roshni kabhi aaye bhi na aaye,
Andhere ke god mein sadaa jakrre huye;
Udhar bhi yeh dhuan chhore na saath,
Hain kuch maya ke tukre bikhhre huye...

Sochu sochu mein sochta rahoon,
Raat dhal jaaye mein bolta rahoon;
Socho socho, tum bhi sochte raho,
Praan tak chali jaye, kuchh na kaho!
Kuchh na kaho, kuchh na kaho!

Baithey raho dhuen mein dhund
Yeh kaisa kabhi kaunsa anand?
Kya dekha hain sacchi?
Aankhon se apni? Anand ki parchi?